Mystery - Drama

Running Time: 14:30 min / German dialogue / English subtitles available

HD / Stereo


In relationships no one can hear you scream...


Iris loves Michael. Michael loves Iris. He cares, he hugs, he takes her breath away, he smothers her. Slowly but inevitably she is driven into a dark space she might not be able to escape.


Iris and Michael, a successfull young couple, seem to live the perfect life. Only their communication isn't what it should be. Iris doesn't doubt Michael's love, but at the same time feels that his unconditional caring takes away her freedom, sometimes even suffocating her. That Michael tries to ignore Iris' growing longing for parenthood doesn't help either. While being on a caving trip, Michael loses his favourite watch. To prove herself to him, Iris decides to go back on her own and find it. While wandering between dark stone walls, memories creep up, flashbacks into her past which are haunted by the image of a child. A child that as soon as it appears, is taken away from her again. She tries to reaches out to it, but is violently pulled back, assaulted, smothered, alone. Darkness embraces her. She screams. Her voice echoes.


Cast: Dorit Oitzinger; Vitus Wieser [webpage].

Screenplay: Artur Golczewski

Sound: Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson

Music: Florian Aigner [webpage]

Cinematography: Ralf Jacobs [webpage]

Editor: Barbara Katzelmayer

Produced & Directed by: Lucas Vossoughi