Comedy / Drama

Running Time: 13min / German dialogue / English subtitles available

Mini Dv / Mono


Paella with gambling and chickenliver.


Iced Cucumber-creme-soup with argan-oil and fertility mask. Antipasti, scampi, mozzarella, Montblanc with a side of Steinway. Wine. Mahabharata with numbers, India with rice. Portugese paella with rabbit, hazard and chickenliver. More wine. As a dessert tasteless Joke with mascarpone and cherries. No cheese. You've never tasted something like that!


Cast: Sarah Giller; Tristan Jorde; Julia Koch; Vitus Wieser.

Screenplay: Artur Golczewski

Idea: Lucas Vossoughi

Sound: Stephan Richter

Music: Florian Aigner

Cinematography: Thomas Marschall

Editor: Michael Kamler

Produced & Directed by: Lucas Vossoughi