Experimental thriller

Running Time: 14min 40sec / English

DV and Video 8 / Stereo


Science shows no mercy


During night-shifts physicists dream of disorder and bondaged beauty queens. Does becoming a machine hurt much?


In a sinister scientific laboratory a physicist searches for truth and order. When during a night-shift his machines start to promise him the long desired breakthrough and the haunting vision of a beauty queen becomes his greatest obstacle, the scientist is confronted with a choice. Fallible human or infallible machine?


Cast: Tamas Eperjessy and Sandra Damiani

Written, Directed and Shot by: Lucas Vossoughi and Artur Golczewski

Editor: Artur Golczewski and Cornelia Deiss

Sound: Sabine Maier

Make-up and Costume Departement: Florence Wibowo

Grips and Gaffers: Cornelia Deiss and Florence Wibowo